Announcing Exposure-X


Dear Exposure+ Followers!

After a long silence, we are back with a brand new program to offer photographers.

Photography Mentorship Programme

Exposure+ is proud to present Exposure-X, a new photography mentoring programme specially developed to guide progressive intermediate to advance photographers in elevating their work. Utilising a research-based approach, our mentors will work with participants over six months, developing ideas and concepts; doing research, plans and execution of projects; culminating in a public exhibition and project dissection with selected panelists.


Working in collaboration with OUR ArtProjects, Exposure-X is an expanded version of the original Exposure+ Photography Mentorship Programme, which was introduced in 2013 by Steven Lee, founder of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards. Activities will include vital enhanced group sharing and discussion sessions to enable critical thinking, project evaluation and feedback for the participants.

Participants will meet with the programme group at regular intervals in OUR ArtProjects, the newest contemporary gallery in Kuala Lumpur and part of The Zhongshan Building arts hub. They will also engage with their personal mentors in their own time, and forge essential peer relationships where the steering of ideas and unlocking of potentials may take place.


We kick off the new program with a Showcase Exhibition of new projects from 8 selected photographers from the Exposure+ alumni. Come and meet the mentors and photographers and also join in on the Project Dissection session with a panelist of three prominent members from the local art community. Discover what the new program entails and what is required of you. Our mentors will be on hand to answer all your questions.

We request the pleasure of your company at the opening of :

Exposure-X Showcase

EXHIBITION OPENING / Thursday, 10th August 2017
TIME / 7:00 – 9:00pm
VENUE / OUR ArtProjects @ The Zhongshan Building
No.80 Jalan Rotan, Off Jalan Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Refreshments will be served
Kindly RSVP

Exposure-X Showcase exhibition : 10-12 August, 2017

Project Dissection

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a project dissection with panellists K Azril Ismail, Liew Kung Yu, and Yee I-Lann on Saturday, 12th August 2017 at 3:00pm. Open to Public.

Seats are limited. Kindly RSVP


Registration for the Exposure-X programme is now open.




Wang Seok Mui


I am a third generation ethnic Chinese born in Malaysia. My great grandfather left Hui-Yang, Guang Dong, China and settled in Malaysia in the early 1900s. Fascinated by my ancestral lineage, I travelled together with my sibling and cousins, on our maiden trip to our ancestral house in October 2015. We had with us a “Zhu Pu”, a book recording our family tree, which was passed down from our great grandfather, and we were able to trace our ancestral lineages, ancestral house and contact our Chinese relatives.

This photo project is an on-going personal exploration, documenting my journey to trace my ancestral lineages and ancestral home. I chose to photograph my family in Malaysia and at the ancestral home in China.

Through this project, I am rekindling family memories and encouraging people to learn about their roots, in order to define their future.







EXP6 -1315 -2


Wang Seok Mui

I am an amateur photographer who shoots everything under the sun, including the moon. However, I have a keen interest towards street and documentary photography. I have never participated in any photography exhibitions or won any photography contest.

Seok Mui was mentored by Cheryl Hoffmann. (Exposure+6)


Time to show

Announcing a public exhibition by the Exposure+6 cohort to take place at the brand new Nikon Centre gallery in Kuala Lumpur! Participants that will be exhibiting their projects are Marie-Claire Lacey, Mohamad Fitri bin Jalil, Wang Seok Mui and Lawrence Cheong. The Exposure+6 session began in September 2015.

On Saturday 23 January, the participants based in Malaysia will be sharing their projects with their friends and visitors, along with the mentors. All are welcome.

Venue :

Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur
Lot GF 003 -006, Ground Floor
Federal Arcade
No 7, Jalan Bintang
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang Central
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2142 0218/9


Moving Forward

* Registration for the next instalment of Exposure+7 will open shortly. Our programs will now run for 6 months (instead of 3) to enable participants to delve deeper into their research, photography and ultimately, stronger portfolios. More info on this new format soon.


Mohamad Fitri b. Jalil


Sejak akhir-akhir ini saya terfikir melayu itu bagaimana. Patutkah dikaitkan Melayu itu dengan Islam, atau adakah Melayu itu Melayu dan Islam itu Islam patut dipisahkan.

Namun persoalan itu akan terjawab dengan sendirinya terserah kepada penilaian pendapat setiap individu.

Dari sudut pandangan saya amalan budaya dan adat adab Melayu itu berkait rapat dengan terapan ajaran Islam. Adakah ini kebetulan atau sememangnya Melayu itu Islam dan Islam itu Melayu.

300028aqiqah0002 - Copyaqiqah0047 - Copyaqiqah0097 - Copyexp0002pantai0018korban1 - Copymengaji 1 - Copy


Mohamad Fitri b. Jalil

I bought my first DSLR last March 2015. I didn’t participate in any workshops before. I just learned by myself how to handle  the camera in manual mode from the information in the manual booklet.  I am learning basic photography rules from the internet and sometimes I meet my mentor (commercial photographer) once a month to discuss my photography and he would ask me to join him to shoot when he has assignments,  mostly on KL tourism.

Mentor : Eiffel Chong (Exposure+6)


Marie-Claire Lacey


Light filtering through trees

The development of capitalism and individualism have taken a somewhat unique course in Japan, a course that has created a particularly fertile breeding ground for mental distress. Whereas in most western nations, feudalism and the norms and values that underpinned it were overthrown and replaced by a new system characterized by a fundamentally different ideology, in Japan, Capitalism was co-opted by those in power and transplanted onto the existing societal system. The Meiji revolution of the 19th century was less a liberation of those oppressed by one ideology than it was a cunning move by those who benefited from it to graft onto the feudal system western developments in a way that suited them, leaving an unbroken cultural thread and liberating no one.

Modern Japan has inherited the drawbacks of Capitalism – the alienation, the lack of community and stability. However, the living on of collectivist values means that the freedoms of individualism that normally compensate to some degree for these ills, are lacking. Feudal society was characterized by a more laissez-faire framework. In Japan, expectations placed upon the individual – to live in a certain way, to show loyalty to employer and government – remain. But little of that loyalty is returned.

The alienation of individualism has taken hold, but the confines of collectivism still underpin society. The modern Japanese individual is pulled and pushed from all sides by the pressures of conflicting ideologies existing in tandem, and in tension, with one another.



japan 120 017japan29 001

Marie-Claire Lacey

Marie-Claire Lacey lives in Glasgow and is an experimental documentary photographer.

“I am a photographic artist from Glasgow, primarily working in analogue with experimental techniques and mixed media. I am fascinated by the way light works and enjoy exploring different ways of manipulating it to create images.

I believe that art should be a synthesis of form and content, so while the aesthetic aspect of expression is of great importance to me, I also try to use art as a way of communicating questions I have about the world we live in, ranging from playful explorations of things like perception and the construction of individual identity to critical investigations of the mechanisms of society. I’m really interested in the ways in which we interact with the world – both with each other and with our surroundings. I have recently completed a Masters in sociology, specialising in the nature of mental health and have since been exploring these themes from an artistic perspective.”

Mentored by Steven Lee. (Exposure+6)


Lawrence Cheong

Places of Memory

Places of Memory is a photo project documenting the portrait photographs that are left as traces of memory and its location for remembrance. Some are left uncased, others kept framed or simply placed into objects in convenient locations, leaving us slightly puzzled as we try to make sense of them and their chosen spots for remembrance.

As Lawrence explore spaces and locations in between Ipoh to Sungai Siput, he reveals places of memories that are usually kept away from the public eye – such as the old photo studio that is now a home and the Mahjong Club. For the photographer, he explores and share this feeling of walking into the past or into someone’s private thoughts as he observes the portraits and their surroundings. His inquisitive nature allows him to engage with the owners of these memories and gives us glimpses into these places of memories.

Lawrence was mentored by Erna Dyanty. (Exposure+6)

1 Places of Memory_Migrant Worker Bedroom5 Places of Memory_Mahjong Club6 Places of Memory_Repair Shop Sink2 Place of Memory_Barber Shop4 Places of Memory_Light Box Photo

Lawrence Cheong

Lawrence is new to photography and is exploring it’s potential as a story-telling medium. He lives in Ipoh.

New Mentor : Erna Dyanty

+ Registration for Exposure +6 program closes this weekend. +

Erna Dyanty will be joining the Exposure+ Program as mentor. She will begin immediately with the next group of participants (+6) starting very soon.

Erna Dyanty


Erna Dyanty graduated with an MA in Arts Management from UKM. She has participated in various photography events such as the Asian Europe Foundation Emerging Photographers Forum in 2009 and Mt.ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL as a portfolio reviewer in 2014. Her works have been featured in CUT 2008: A Survey of New Photography in South East Asia, Kuala Lumpur, A New Wave of Responsive Images at Nikon Ginza Gallery, Tokyo, 2009; Theerta International Women Photography Exhibition, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2011 and DATUM KL in 2011.

Erna has also worked creatively to produce photographic works for Frangipani Bar & Restaurant, Alexis Bistro, Concorde Hotel and Dwell Asia Magazine.

She has since moved from producing photographic works to focusing towards applying her knowledge of photography in fields of curatorial and research work. She has curated a number of photography exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur, Vision & Sound: a survey of underground music photographers – MAP KL 2010, ROCK KAKA – for Project Room VWFA 2009, Neither East nor West: Collections from the Lafayette Studio of Photography London, 2007 and The Formation of A Nation: A Photographic Flashback – 2012, Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

She is currently attached with GALERI PETRONAS, however, in her free time she makes herself available for local photographers who seek help in developing their craft and those who require guidance.

Replay : ‘Seeing Beauty’ with Nadirah Zakariya


Over the span of three weeks, participants from this creative portrait photography workshop were encouraged to create a new body of work, with the theme of “SEEING BEAUTY”.

Nadirah Zakariya worked closely with each photographer to develop their photography series and personal styles. Participants met up as a group, weekly for critique sessions to share work in progress and one-on-one sessions with Nadirah.

At the end of the workshop, participants showcased their new project stories to the public at the Whitebox Gallery, at MAP in Publika in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards exhibition.

Below are selected images from each participant’s final projects. This workshop was presented by the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards on the 15 August 2015.

tumblr_ntaejxihFU1ue89yoo3_1280 tumblr_ntaejxihFU1ue89yoo1_1280 tumblr_ntaejxihFU1ue89yoo2_1280 tumblr_ntaejxihFU1ue89yoo4_1280 tumblr_ntaejxihFU1ue89yoo5_1280 tumblr_ntaejxihFU1ue89yoo6_1280

Photography by: Niesa Jamalulail

Bio: 24 years old, Gombak, Selangor. Bachelor of Photography from University Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Project Title: ABOUT ZETTY

This series is about discovering the insecurities of one of my closest friends, Zetty.

tumblr_ntae8e9uxi1ue89yoo1_540 tumblr_ntae8e9uxi1ue89yoo2_1280 tumblr_ntae8e9uxi1ue89yoo3_540 tumblr_ntae8e9uxi1ue89yoo4_1280 tumblr_ntae8e9uxi1ue89yoo5_1280 tumblr_ntae8e9uxi1ue89yoo6_540

Photography by: FAIZ AKHBAR

Project Title: TEN YEARS

A photo series exploring the relationship between the photographer and his muse, taken in a span of a decade.

tumblr_ntadytD3Yn1ue89yoo1_1280 tumblr_ntadytD3Yn1ue89yoo2_1280 tumblr_ntadytD3Yn1ue89yoo3_1280 tumblr_ntadytD3Yn1ue89yoo4_1280 tumblr_ntadytD3Yn1ue89yoo5_1280

Photography by: DAYANG FAZAL


Born and raised in Sabah, I have been living in KL for 4 years and currently working at GIATMARA HQ. In 2011 and 2012, I joined the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival where my short films made it in the top ten list. I joined this workshop to explore the beauty in portraiture as I believe there is always a great story behind every portrait.

Project Title: SAKINAH

Sakinah is an Arabic word which means “Serenity”. This is a story about Sakinah, my colleague. Unfortunately her life journey is not as “calm “as the meaning of her name”.

tumblr_ntadboAL8S1ue89yoo1_540 tumblr_ntadboAL8S1ue89yoo2_1280 tumblr_ntadboAL8S1ue89yoo3_1280 tumblr_ntadboAL8S1ue89yoo4_1280 tumblr_ntadboAL8S1ue89yoo5_1280

Photography by: PHYLLISIA NG


Phyllisia, 30, a Sarawakian, a cancer survivor, a person who wear sher heart on her sleeves. She takes photographs to help her remember and believe that to create and connect are what keeps her alive.


These are individuals who have hearts bigger than the moon, who have made an impact in the different seasons of my life. I used the projections to portray what they mean to me or how our connections are like.

tumblr_ntacstyMWD1ue89yoo1_540 tumblr_ntacstyMWD1ue89yoo2_1280 tumblr_ntacstyMWD1ue89yoo3_1280 tumblr_ntacstyMWD1ue89yoo4_1280 tumblr_ntacstyMWD1ue89yoo5_1280

Photography by: MAHESH KULKARNI


A corporate executive by profession he earns his living from there. At heart, he is a photographer, an amateur with a passion in wildlife photography wanting to make a headway in this art form.

Project Statement:

Seeing Beauty In Motivation, Pro-environmental Behaviors and Attitude Of Bird Watchers (Birders) & Bird Photographers.

tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo1_540 tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo2_500 tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo3_1280 tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo4_540 tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo5_1280 tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo6_540 tumblr_ntaarm5AZE1ue89yoo7_1280



Back in 2004, my family and I were in Phuket during Christmas and the tragedy that took place left a notable scar on the island. But as a child I was pretty oblivious, until I saw the photographs my stepfather managed to capture during the whole disaster. Especially the before and after shots. Ever since then I’d mess around with my stepfather’s DSLR, I then received my first camera in 2009. Though I only started taking photography seriously after I joined a workshop by Obscura back in 2013.

Project Title: Beacon

Beauty is subjective, and from my point of view, beauty is anything that pushes you to be better. Regardless whether if its for yourself, or for another. Coincidentally in the same year I received my camera, I was going through depression and almost took actions that would not permit me to be where I am now.

My sisters are my beacon, they have given me strength, and purpose to live.


Nadirah Zakariya

Kuala Lumpur-born photographer, Nadirah Zakariya got her foot in the industry assisting fashion photographer Yelena Yemchuk, photojournalist Bruce Davidson and filmmaker Floria Sigismondi while receiving her Bachelor in Fine Arts in New York City. By the time she graduated, Nadirah was already an internationally published photographer. Her works have appeared in numerous magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, NYLON, NYLON Guys, VICE, and W Magazine. Since then, she has been commissioned to photograph musicians, namely OK GO, Au Revoir Simone, Wild Beasts and Nada Surf.

With a passion in photography, Nadirah also focuses on personal projects which have been exhibited in major cities including New York, London, Paris, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur. In 2011, Nadirah was invited to hold her first solo exhibition, Daughters Ago, at the New York Lomography Gallery on Park Avenue. When Nadirah is not photographing, she enjoys sharing her passion through running workshops.

Companies and brands she has worked with since returning to Kuala Lumpur include Levi’s, Wardrobe, Tall Order Sdn. Bhd., Sime Darby Property, Shell, Freeform Design, The Spacemen, Wayang Works, Whimsigirl Design, The Venopian Solitude, and magazines such as Cleo, HANGER and Milk.

Time to shine!

Exposure+5 participants took time out on a Sunday 2 August afternoon, and presented their photo projects to gathered friends, family and visitors to the Whitebox gallery at MAP, Publika, in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2015 Exhibition of Finalists.

It is nothing worse than to stand in front of an unknown crowd with mic in hand and explain one’s project but, everyone did a fine job. A few mentors were present to lend a helping had along the way, Congratulations to everyone!  The exhibition will rn till 15 August, 2015.

The next Exposure+6 Photo Mentor session is now open for registration and will start in mid-September. More information for those who are interested participate, with registration details, please click here.

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Exhibition venue :


1 – 15 August, 2015 Daily 10 – 6