Scott Yow

No Line on Horizon
To promote and photograph the uniqueness of different shorelines at different times of the day around Malaysia, and to create awareness of the dying mangrove forests around us.
We all know that illegal logging, chemical pollution, urbanisation and many other factors cause most of the destruction of mangroves. As the mangrove forests in our ecosystem are only found in tropical and subtropical tidal areas they serve as break for storm surges caused by tsunamis, typhoons, and floods. They also serve as nursery habitats for young marine organisms, and also erosion control for the coastlines.

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The title of my project was inspired by an album title from the pop group U2 and the photography methods of the world renown Japanese master, Hiroshi Sugimoto. The album cover of No Line on the Horizon, was taken from one of the works from the master. ~ Scott Yow
Scott (Exp+4) was mentored by Eiffel Chong.

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