Johnny Wong

Fine Lines

In any city there are famous and unique structures. Kuala Lumpur is not short of it. You can find many wonderful and famous architecture here. Architecture always creates a striking compendium of memorable structures. We all know that Architecture is the art of designing the human built environment. Buildings are one of the most visible productions of man, and vary greatly in design, function, and construction.

This series is created by coincidence from a collection of modern architecture and structures. To create a subject is easy but in creating a story is totally different game. A series of photographs makes an art out of it.







Johnny Wong is a freelance wedding, event and sports photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His photography has been focusing on people and activities. Johnny feels his works are individual pieces of art. He is inspired by Exposure+ program and challenge himself to do something extraordinary. Capturing things that is not his forte.

Johnny (Exp+4) was mentored by Eiffel Chong.



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