Exposure+5 session. Open for Registration.

Good News!

As the Exposure+4 participants are busy preparing for their public exhibition at FEEKA Gallery in Kuala Lumpur starting 17th January, we are opening the registration for the next session now. If you are interested to participate in the next session, please do sign up using the link to the online form below. Registration will close 30 January, 2015. 7th February, 2015. (Extended)

Registration Form

About Exposure+

The Exposure+ Photo Mentoring Program was developed to encourage and guide new and young photographers from just shooting aimlessly, by a process of exploration, discussions, developing and creating concise photography projects through the use of the photo-essay to convey interesting and compelling stories. These completed projects, by our alumni can be seen in the PARTICIPANTS pages, have been varied in style, content and diversity.

For the next session, the timeline is as follows :

January 2015 – Registrations open

1 February – Begin with the first Introduction and meet up with your mentors and other participants

*1 March – Progress Group meet up

*5 April – Progress Group meet up

*25 April – Final meet and round up

*These dates are to be confirmed

Participants will also, by their own arrangement, meet or contact their allocated mentors at other convenient times, on a one-to-one basis to discuss their projects.

The main focus of the Program can be found in the ABOUT EXPOSURE+  – and the participants are able to follow a simple structure as below :

1. Exploring, selecting and determining your photo story – participants can explore new ideas or existing stories they may wish to develop into a photo-essay. The first month is essentially given to exploratory and planning discussions, viability analysis, research and preparation.

2. Execution of project –  In the second month, participants are encouraged to begin their photography, under the guidance and feedback of their mentors. The Group Meets will bring all participants and mentors together to share and update each other as to progress.

3. Edit and Presentation – The final month will see participants completing their photography and begin editing their results with their mentors. We expect participants to print out their works for group discussion and sequencing, to produce visually strong photo-essays. Titles and Statements are also to be written to accompany the final presentations.

We hope upon completing a program, participants would be able to produce stronger and more challenging photo-essays, improve on planning, editing and become better photographers, all round.

Exposure+5 Mentors  

1. Eiffel Chong

2. Snow Ng

3. Kenny Loh

4. Ashraf Saharudin

5. Steven Lee

Fee  RM800.00

For more information please contact Munirah on 019 770 1984 or email : munirah@klphotoawards.com


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