Exposed in Granada


A selected group of Malaysian photographers had their works projected at the 6th PA-TA-TA Festival de Fotografia Emergente de Granada in Spain on 16 June, 2015. Some of the photographers were recent EXPOSURE+ participants including Kelvin Ah Kian, Syefry Moniz, KG Krishnan, Lim Swee Hoe, and Lim Paik Yin. The photo series were curated by Leafhopper duo Blanca Galindo and David Simon Martret, who are regular visitors to Malaysia and are well known to the local photography scene.

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Here is their brief report :

The Pa-Ta-Ta Festival was born 6 years ago to introduce photography to the people of Granada. The name itself is a derived from Pa-ta-ta (meaning potato) which is what Spanish people say when someone takes a photo to induce smiling. It is the Spanish version of “say cheese”.

Besides physical exhibitions on the streets, the festival has always had slideshows every year.

This year, thanks to Blanca Galindo and David Simon Martret, there came about the opportunity to curate a slideshow with Malaysian photographers, as they made something similar with Spanish photographers back in Kuala Lumpur. With the help of Obscura Photofestival, EXPOSURE+ and Monsoon Masterclass, the works of Eiffel Chong, Flanegan Bainon, Kelvin Ah Kian, Ian Teh, Syefry Moniz, KG Krishnan, Lim Swee Hoe, Nadia Mahfix and Lim Paik Yin were shown.

This year, the slideshows were projected in the open air at the gardens of the Villa Oniria Hotel. There were quite a lot of assistants, from Granada University and La Ampliadora school of photography, including assistants from residents and expats that used to live in Kuala Lumpur before. Despite being complicated to explain to everyone about some of the projects including the political and social issues in contemporary Malaysia, the public was very receptive and enjoyed the screenings.


David Simon Martret & Blanca Galindo


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