Time to shine!

Exposure+5 participants took time out on a Sunday 2 August afternoon, and presented their photo projects to gathered friends, family and visitors to the Whitebox gallery at MAP, Publika, in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2015 Exhibition of Finalists.

It is nothing worse than to stand in front of an unknown crowd with mic in hand and explain one’s project but, everyone did a fine job. A few mentors were present to lend a helping had along the way, Congratulations to everyone!  The exhibition will rn till 15 August, 2015.

The next Exposure+6 Photo Mentor session is now open for registration and will start in mid-September. More information for those who are interested participate, with registration details, please click here.

_R00688911823146_10155835508050333_3566582369413305970_o11214365_10155835507910333_1464021436736096499_n 11782349_10155835507990333_3112473680694647882_o 11794497_10155835507965333_9147490720508408605_o 11794616_10155835508100333_8181388171339651112_o 11807776_10155835508040333_5833592030810930515_o 11817167_10155835508030333_3085750210203620390_n  11825755_10155835508010333_4113891897158622969_n 11845228_10155835508140333_1025889796222441192_o 11856380_10155835508065333_3435321359297676469_o _R006872 _R006874 _R006875

Exhibition venue :


1 – 15 August, 2015 Daily 10 – 6


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