Lawrence Cheong

Places of Memory

Places of Memory is a photo project documenting the portrait photographs that are left as traces of memory and its location for remembrance. Some are left uncased, others kept framed or simply placed into objects in convenient locations, leaving us slightly puzzled as we try to make sense of them and their chosen spots for remembrance.

As Lawrence explore spaces and locations in between Ipoh to Sungai Siput, he reveals places of memories that are usually kept away from the public eye – such as the old photo studio that is now a home and the Mahjong Club. For the photographer, he explores and share this feeling of walking into the past or into someone’s private thoughts as he observes the portraits and their surroundings. His inquisitive nature allows him to engage with the owners of these memories and gives us glimpses into these places of memories.

Lawrence was mentored by Erna Dyanty. (Exposure+6)

1 Places of Memory_Migrant Worker Bedroom5 Places of Memory_Mahjong Club6 Places of Memory_Repair Shop Sink2 Place of Memory_Barber Shop4 Places of Memory_Light Box Photo

Lawrence Cheong

Lawrence is new to photography and is exploring it’s potential as a story-telling medium. He lives in Ipoh.


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