Wang Seok Mui


I am a third generation ethnic Chinese born in Malaysia. My great grandfather left Hui-Yang, Guang Dong, China and settled in Malaysia in the early 1900s. Fascinated by my ancestral lineage, I travelled together with my sibling and cousins, on our maiden trip to our ancestral house in October 2015. We had with us a “Zhu Pu”, a book recording our family tree, which was passed down from our great grandfather, and we were able to trace our ancestral lineages, ancestral house and contact our Chinese relatives.

This photo project is an on-going personal exploration, documenting my journey to trace my ancestral lineages and ancestral home. I chose to photograph my family in Malaysia and at the ancestral home in China.

Through this project, I am rekindling family memories and encouraging people to learn about their roots, in order to define their future.







EXP6 -1315 -2


Wang Seok Mui

I am an amateur photographer who shoots everything under the sun, including the moon. However, I have a keen interest towards street and documentary photography. I have never participated in any photography exhibitions or won any photography contest.

Seok Mui was mentored by Cheryl Hoffmann. (Exposure+6)


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