Workshop in Self-Portraiture


Historical Reference and Modern Applications + Self-portrait Workshop

Saturdays 20 & 27, February, 2021 : 5pm ~7pm UTC+8 Malaysia Time

Duration : 2 x 2 hours : RM250 pp

Early registration : RM200 pp [before 14 February 12 noon]

Facilitators : Steven Lee & Nadirah Zakariya

L : Daguerreotype, Victorian circa 1850s R : Antique-Daguerreotype of a Romany Gypsy Child – unframed-circa 1860s

Day 1 .This workshop begins with Steven Lee presenting a brief historical overview of the ‘portrait’ from medieval representations of the person in paintings through to the Renaissance masters, the invention of the camera and daguerrotypes, to the modern day photographic portrait masters of the 20th century.

In the second part, Nadirah Zakariya will introduce selected contemporary photographers who are known for their self-portrait expressions, and discuss how this sub-genre of portrait photography have become a growing phenomenon of self-expressionism in today’s fleeting digital world.

All participants will be asked to attempt a practical self-portrait session in their own time over the course the week, having each determined a thematic approach and style.

Day 2. Each participant will be able to present their completed self-portrait studies to the rest of the group. Further analysis, feedback & discussions amongst participants.

Bonus : All participants will be given the opportunity to have their self-portrait studies projected at a special Digital Screens event at EXPOSURE+ PHOTO in September, 2021 in Kuala Lumpur.

Suitability : For all levels of photographers, artists and enthusiasts wanting to develop an interest in self portrait photography. Now open to all Malaysia and non-Malaysia based participants.

Requirements : Suitable camera and tripod.

Participants : Limited to 10 pax

To register for this workshop please email


Steven Lee

Steven is the founder director of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards, co-founder of KL20x20 and EXPOSURE+ PHOTO. He has been a portfolio reviewer in several international photo festivals and ran workshops in portraiture, and personal development aspects in photography. He is also a nominator for the 6X6 Global Talent for World Press Photography and Leica Oskar Barnack Award.

Nadirah Zakariya

Nadirah is a Malaysia-based photographer who specialises in creative portraiture and commissioned projects. She has led many workshops and presentations in recent years, and exhibited internationally. Nadirah is the co-founder of KL20x20, EXPOSURE+ PHOTO and Layar Lucida, a women lead creative studio that focuses on film, commercial and music video projects. She is also a 2020 Generation T Asia honoree.

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