The EXPOSURE+ photo mentoring program is a time-limited program where our mentors will assist and guide photographers in identifying stories, ideas or concepts that can be executed into a photography project, through to editing, sequencing and ultimately, creating a visually flowing and personally satisfying photo project ready for an exhibition or to be printed into a self published photo-book.

This is a 6-month ‘one-to-one’ photography mentoring program based from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but we can also take on ‘distance’ participants by conducting sessions by emails and live Skype/ Hangout chats.

The program aims to assist photographers on –

  • Developing a strong and visually challenging photography project from concept to presentation
  • Identifying and executing a cohesive body of work based on a concept or a story
  • Editing, sequencing and presenting your own images
  • Structuring a portfolio for effective presentation, either in a photo-book, presentation or exhibition.

Mentors for the current session –

Cheryl Hoffmann – freelance travel photographer

Eiffel Chong – contemporary photographer/lecturer

Snow Ng – art consultant / curator

Ashraf Saharudin – photography instructor and editor

Kenny Ng – photographer

Jeffrey J C Lim – photographer

Who is the program suitable for?

This program is open to dedicated novice, serious hobbyists and professional photographers who are seeking to develop their skills in producing personal photography projects, and may benefit from guided mentoring through greater focus in developing concepts and sharing ideas, seeing it to fruition through an exhibition or in a personal photo book. For photographers wanting to improve their ‘story-telling’ abilities and moving forward and away from unguided general photography. EXPOSURE+ started in 2012 in London, and the Photo Mentoring Program was initiated in 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.


You will be required to be dedicated and fully commited to completing this program within the time allocated. The fixed period of six-months will enable participants to thoroughly focus their time on the task ahead,  make in-depth research into their projects and allow proper execution and editing to complete the program with a fulfilling presentation or exhibition at the end.

When do you meet?

An initial group sharing and introductory session will be arranged at the start of a new session, followed by regular progress group meet ups, once a month. You will be able to contact and meet with your allocated mentor at any suitable time either over coffee chats or telephone or emails.

How do I apply?

Interested photographers will have to send in a brief project proposal with a short statement why you wish to participate in this program to Steven Lee at svllee@gmail.com or complete the online form posted on this website.

The projects proposed can be based on documentary or fine art, but may only be general ideas at this stage. Describe briefly your intent on realising this project, i.e. why you think it is a worthwhile project. There will be a limited number of participants due to the personal one-to-one nature of the program.

Photographers will need to have basic photography skills and camera techniques as this is not a technical workshop. Mentors will not specifically teach image editing or other technical photography skills.

Applications will  go through a selection process so that they are matched to their appropriate mentors accordingly.


For every instalment of EXPOSURE+, we allow our participants the opportunity to present or exhibit their projects. In the past, our participants of +1 and +2 took part at the IPA Singapore Photobook Show, and +3 will be presented their projects at the Photomonth / Kuala Lumpur Photoawards Event at Whitebox Publika in Kuala Lumpur in August 2014. At the end of August, a selected number from our alumni headed to the Portfolio Review sessions at the Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival in Kobe, Japan. Exposure+6 participants will be exhibiting their final projects at the new Nikon Gallery in Kuala Lumpur in January 2016.

Contact and enquiries

Steven V-L Lee    svllee@gmail.com

Follow EXPOSURE+ on Facebook here

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