Agoes Alwie

PEARL OF THE BINS – Life of the trash pickers

As a photographer, I’m always on the hunt for images of life, a daily scene in a sense of reality of the world we live. Half fascination and the other half, a childlike curiosity, I strive to look into both objects and subjects that are always neglected by the common eye. The story begins when i chanced upon a scene of a father and his young daughter arriving for her daily learning in a kindergarten in the suburbs of the city. Seeing them together on a custom made tricycle, a specific type commonly used by trash pickers, opened up possibilities for my attention to focus and gaze into the reflection of a person’s state of being as I had never sense before.

This is part of my ongoing series called The Story of the Trash Pickers. But for this project, the focus is on the objects of their picks as some of it was too “trash” to turn into money. And yet… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  The images of the trash scattered and collected coupled together with selected portraits of the pickers in their natural social urban settings. These are the types of images that are not enjoyable to look at but share with us a unique standing of their own.

After all, it may just come to this; “Life isn’t meant to be easy. Life is meant to be lived”. – AA.

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Agoes Alwie

Sarawakian. Born in 1970. Worked as project manager in a construction company. Started photography in 2012. Finalist at the NIKON ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHER in 2013 and 2014. Some of my photographs were exhibited in various themes at the NIKON Gallery in 2013 – 2014.  Prize winner in several photo contests such as NIKON/STARBUCK – Port Dickson, NIKON/STARBUCK – Green KL, Shortlisted in NIKON/STARBUCK – Colours of Sarawak. MID VALLEY MERDEKA PHOTO CONTEST.

Some of my photographs were exhibited at KLPF 2014 – Vibrant Festival. I won a Grand Prize for NIKON/TUNES HOTEL photo contest, 2014

Co-founder of the “Street to Street” photo exhibition on the street.

On going project, LIFE OF THE TRASH PICKER and I AM HEPTAGONIAN a future project, to travel from east to mid java and record faces/life in the train in Indonesia.

Thank you to Ashraf Saharuddin for his brilliant and strong support as my mentor. Thank you Exposure+4 for giving me an opportunity to become part of the project and giving me a chance to get to know some very talented photographers.

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