Ailsa Bowyer

“We’ll put the happy in your happy meal”

Within the dominant food landscape, giant food corporations feed us constant messages about ways in which we can purchase health, fulfilment and satisfaction in brightly-coloured, shiny packaging. But, as it seems, this paradox works against where real goodness and health lies for the people and land affected in the production, consumption or disposal of modern food products. On the other hand, the production and consumption of locally grown food is a way of nourishing both land and people, and is a celebration of food as the highest gift.

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This on-going series is a personal meditation on the direct relationship between my mental health and the industrial food system. ~ Ailsa

Ailsa Bowyer is a photographer based in Perth, Australia, but has her roots in Malaysia. She feels her photography lies somewhere between art and documentary photography. Ailsa feels her gut has always called out to photography as a way of combining her aesthetic needs with a need to bring about a deeper attentiveness to who she is, and how she sees her place in the world; however only the last two years has seen her connecting with the narrative power of photography, particularly to express her personal views that are so heavily linked to the political.

Ailsa is interested in documentary photography as a form of activism, but has recently become very interested in the power of intimate journalism as a means of identity-exploration. Through this work, she has tried to create visual dreamscape narratives, but within the biographical elements of her own history.

Ailsa was mentored by Steven Lee.

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