Aizuddin Saad

‘Who are you?’


Do you believe that you can tell a person’s character by looking at their shoes? A simple test for you! Look down at your shoes right now. What are you wearing? Sneakers? Shiny, well-polished shoes? High heels? Well, whatever your choice, this test shows that shoes can paint a picture of the your emotional, attitude and other vital personality traits.

The idea to create this photo series started from my job as a photojournalist for a main newspaper in Malaysia. Everyday I was assigned to taking pictures for different assignments. From there, it gave me an opportunity to recognise various human characters, from the worst, to the good person.

Through my daily journeys facing various human characters, shoes are the best medium to represent the human personality. – AS.

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About Aizuddin

Aizuddin Saad was born in 1985 and is a self-taught photojournalist based in Kuala Lumpur. He began his career in photography at the age of 22 as a freelance wedding photographer. From that moment, he realised that photojournalism is the best thing he wanted to pursue. Without formal education in photography, he needs to work hard and travelling around Malaysia to learn from the best in photography. His major interests are social documentary, cultures, arts and humanity photography. With the motivational words “photography isn’t just a fun hobby, It’s a ticket around the world “, every step by step makes him curious to explore the world.

He is represented by The New Straits Times Press since January 2009. Aizuddin was awarded the 2014 Malaysia Press Institute Awards Best Photo Essay for coverage of political turmoil in Egypt and in 2013, the Wan-Ifra Asian Media Awards Best Features (Bronze Awards) for coverage of humanitarian mission in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Aizuddin was mentored by Kenny Loh.

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