Anne Benedicte Houang

The Power of Hope

The children in these photographs are anonymous urban refugees, but above and beyond everything they remain children. They will never stop dreaming or playing. They have the right to education, health care, and child protection. They have travelled across jungle and borders, sometimes by foot, chased by people and fear. They have reached Malaysia full of hope, and returning to their country is not safe.” ~ Anne

Anne Houang EXP+ 005

Anne Houang EXP+ 013

Anne Houang EXP+ 008

Anne Houang EXP+ 010

Anne Houang EXP+ 011

Anne Houang EXP+ 016

“Their strength and determination, the light of hope in their everyday life was their gift to me, and I hope it will be a gift to you.”

Anne Benedicte Houang is an amateur photographer currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She started to develop her interest in photography in 2007 while living overseas and was inspired by the different cultures she experienced through her travels.

Recently, through her humanitarian work with refugees and experience with Exposure+3, she started experimenting with photo essays to relate stories with emotions.

Anne is inspired by people in their environment and urban photography. “My goal with this mentorship program is to develop my ability to put a story together that sends a strong message to the viewer. I am planning to chose a community and use images from my travel to document their daily realities. I have a strong interest in Documentary/Travel Photography.” ~ Anne

Anne was mentored by Eiffel Chong.

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