Chan Mei Ying


The Animals Are Gone.

They say that once you see, you cannot un-see.

What started as a curious observation of spotting animal depictions on a holiday to Thailand, has now evolved into a project of found animals spanning continents.

In the East, certain animals are revered for protection and good luck. Elephants have been an enduring symbol to Thai culture, where the ancient kings of Siam rode them into battle with the Burmese. Asian cultures like Korean and China gravitate towards choosing mythical creatures like the Phoenix, Dragon and cranes for good fortune and prosperity.

In the West, animals feature as a symbol of a tribe or an expression of individualism. Native Americans believe each individual is connected to different animals that will accompany a person through life. Others keep them as trophies from hunting game, or home decorations.

Mostly… these animals scattered in various cities, peering at me at the most unexpected of places, remind me of the animals that used to inhibit the spaces we now have built into cities.

The animals are gone. ~ CMY

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Mei Ying (Exp+4) was mentored by Steven Lee

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