Hanlim Yee

Coming Home

Razak Mansion was officiated in 1962 and is one of the many housing projects initiated by Malaysia’s second prime minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak to accommodate lower income Malaysians. Each residential unit only has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with only 400 sq/ft in area. Unfortunately, this bustling “Mansion” will be demolished in 2017.

This project “Coming Home” revolves around Yann Huoy’s reminiscence of her childhood memories in Razak Mansion. Yann Huoy, who is currently living in Singapore makes her monthly visits back home to get away from her stressful working life. She often imagines herself playing in the same corridors as her father and she felt so attached to this place. All three generations of Yann Huoy’s family are currently living in Razak Mansion and they find it hard to let this place go.

“A kampung in a city is what I can describe my home. One of my favourite childhood memories was catching little fish in those big longkangs and playing ‘hide and seek’ in the buildings with my cousins. I didn’t have my own room or a proper study table when I was younger, so I have this habit of lying on the floor studying. It’s tough because I’m going to miss having relatives living around us.”

Razak Mansion-1 Razak Mansion-2 Razak Mansion-3 Razak Mansion-4 Razak Mansion-5 Razak Mansion-6 Razak Mansion-7 Razak Mansion-8

Hanlim Yee is a 25 years old self-taught photographer and has been moonlighting the streets of KL as an occasional street photographer. His passion in documentary photography grew while he was living in the United States for 4 years before settling back in Malaysia.

Hanlim was mentored by Kenny Loh and participated in Exposure+5.


  1. Leong Soo Hoe aka xiao B · November 5

    Hi … can u share with me of the photos you took for Razak Mansion. I grew up here, block 14 … unit 14024


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