Irene Yap

For the Departed

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 22.47.35

Funerals are not only for the death of our loved ones, but it’s also a celebration on Love. Why do we cry for our loved ones who have departed if not because of our love for them?

Death is a great mystery that no one knows the answer to. But we all know everything has it expiry date. Funerals are a moment to celebrate life, love and compassion. We only appreciate life when there is death around.

It’s a taboo for some cultures to photograph funerals, but I see it as a crucial documentation of a person’s final journey. It’s important for the young generation to know and to preserve their own family heritage.

It started when my aunt pass away, the closest family member that has departed. I hide my feelings of lost behind my camera. My camera is my mask to hide my pain. I am glad I photographed her funeral. It’s a very important moment for my family.

Irene Yap is part of Exposure+5 and was mentored by Ashraf Saharudin.

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