Kelvin Ah Kian

Labuan Federal Territory was officially formed in 16th April 1984. Since then, the island has been established as an Off-shore Financial Centre, offering international financial services while at the same time, being an off-shore support hub for the deepwater oil and gas activities in the region.
The oil and gas industry has been an important sector in the development of the island and in recent years, the government has been trying to improve this industry on the island in order to build the Malaysia’s competitive advantage by 2020. This, in turn has created new job opportunities on the island which, in the later years saw an influx of oil and gas workers into Labuan. The present day, workers wearing company-issued overalls (coveralls) is a common sight around the island and most of them come in a variety of colours which represent their position and also the company they are contracted to.
This series is my attempt to document the workers who have dedicated part of their lives in the oil and gas industry while they are off-duty and outside their work environment.

Kelvin Ah Kian was born in Tawau, Sabah on December 1991. He is an entirely self-taught photographer with an interest in documentary and travel photography. Kelvin is also an Architecture graduate and currently based in F.T Labuan, Malaysia.

Kelvin was mentored by Steven Lee.




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