Lim Paik Yin

Pockets of Verdure

With burgeoning highways and epic megamalls dotting the Klang Valley, the memory of huge trees lining the streets of lingers in shrinking green pockets. Malaysia is a country that was economically tied to agriculture. Despite a move to the industrial and service based sectors, this project seeks to document and explore the interactions of the urban dweller in the Klang Valley with their gardens in the public sphere.

05 Lim Paik Yin - Metrobus


01 Lim Paik Yin - Playing Masak-masak02 Lim Paik Yin - For My Dear Lilian 03 Lim Paik Yin - Neighbourly Shop 04 Lim Paik Yin - Boss Taking a break la 

Lim Paik Yin works on projects relating to art, children, gender equality and sustainable living. Other than photography, performance art is another medium that she uses as a means of communication. In her spare time she writes short stories/poetry and do contact improvisation.

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