Lim Swee Hoe

Sigh of the Sea

Every year large amounts of marine debris especially plastics, enter the ocean, where it slowly fragments and accumulates in convergence zones called “gyres”. The biggest gyre which is best known as Great Pacific Garbage Patch is estimated as large as 696,200 km2 (>2x the total size of Malaysia) in the North Pacific Ocean. The impact of marine debris is high and causes environment pollution, endanger to the wildlife and economic losses. It has been estimated that around 80% of marine debris is from land-based sources and the remaining 20% is from ocean based sources.

Malaysia has a long coastline and is well known for its beautiful beaches. With increasing population and rapid development, solid wastes are commonly found on Malaysian beaches as any other parts of the world. The research on impact of marine debris especially non-biodegradable plastic to the oceans is very limited and irregular. This photo series captured the solid wastes found at the coastline of Peninsular Malaysia. Common among the solid wastes found are consumer items which made up of plastic containers, bottles, metal container and wearable items. “Beautiful Ugly” is the presentation concept of this series. The idea is to capture the audience’s attention by presenting beautiful photographs of the solid wastes captured along the coastline. Let the ugly (solid wastes) stand out from the photographs and relay the embedded message to the audience.





Lim Swee Hoe

Since young, Swee Hoe has been attracted to beautiful posters especially those with landscape photographs. He was fascinating how these photographs were captured and amazed with the beautiful world we live in. It was in year 2010, he decided to chase his photography dream which was buried deep inside.

Swee Hoe followed the Malaysian photography artist, Adam Tan, who is the National Geographic 2013 contest winner. The art of photography has shown him endless scenes of the beautiful world. He is recording the world he sees using his camera, in appreciation of this beautiful world. Apart from landscape and travel, Swee Hoe loves to photograph the Lotus flowers and still life – especially those found on the street or in the back alley. Swee Hoe has won in numerous international photography contests from US, UK, France, Singapore, Australia, Romania and Malaysia. His works had been exhibited in US, UK, Australia, Romania and Malaysia.

Swee Hoe was mentored by Snow Ng.

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