N Munirah Rohaizan

Point Of View

Point of View is a new body of work by Munirah about the different ways we see the world.

Through her observations of her surroundings, she relates the different aspects of how we communicate and perceive the world through her symbolic representations.

In this body of work, a light bulb is a representation of the world. While the different perspectives captured of the object is the photographer’s emphasis on the variations of views and visualisations.

She produces this by manipulating the object through different angles. Keeping the emphasis on compositing the same object to be seen in different forms. The allowance of subjectivity of perception in her works, highlight the way we understand a specific subject. We may all universally understand what it is, but may have different interpretations of the subject.

By capturing the object in different angles and tightly cropping them, it drives us away from the actual context and urges us to see what the photographer wants the viewer to see. We as the viewer create assumptions on what we should label these images as.





Munirah Rohaizan

Originated from Kuala Lumpur, N Munirah Rohaizan is a self-taught photographer. Munirah or often called Moon has been active in photography for about five years, ever since she moved to Dublin, Ireland. Her work mainly focuses on street landscapes and creative perspective. She is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Metaphorical Garden Photography Exhibition (2011) – A collaboration project by Goethe Institute Malaysia & Nikon Malaysia​.

Photographer for the Cityscape Blog Project, Kuala Lumpur respresentative. (2011) – A collaboration project by Goethe Institute branches and was published in ‘Kuala Lumpur – Berlin, Kisah Dua Bandaraya, Stadtgeschichten’.​

Urban Art Exhibition (2012) – Exhibited in Pelita Hati Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition was about varieties of art style that relates to cities and city life.​

Word N Pics , Alliance Francaise (2012) – Won second place in Word N Pics, 2012 by Alliance Francaise and the French Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.

Exposure, Artist Wanted (2012) – Was published in ‘Exposure’; a publication under Artist Wanted, New York, United States.​

KLPA Exposure + PhotoMentoring program exhibition (2013) – Exhibited in Petronas Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition was part of the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2013 program.



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