Syefry Moniz


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela

Education is important to a child. This story represents children who are universally deserving of an education regardless of where they are born, who they are, their ethnicity, where they live, or whether or not they are refugees. As a father, my dream is to see my children receive the best education they can. Is that not what everyone wants for their children? What would happen if they didn’t receive the best education?

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The closest and more obvious references to this are the refugee children from Myanmar, who have fled their homelands to seek asylum. They are now living with their families here in Malaysia. This body of work brings a visual comparison between two children from the Arakan ethnic group of the Rohingyas. One has the opportunity to go to school and the other does not. This project highlights the children in their daily lives, captured at the same moment in the days, in order to convey their differences.

This project is aimed to raise awareness on the issue of education. By pairing the images of the two children, I hope to visually highlight the obvious importance of education for a child.

In the short span of time, these are words, expressions and situations I have observed, during the process of documenting this project.

“Atmosphere – Empathy – Awareness – Hope – Confrontational – Identity – Crisis – Innocent – Culture – Observation – Dilemma – Provoke – Distance – Question – Education – Reaction – Emotion – Stories”

Syefry Moniz graduated from the Faculty of Art & Design, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Diploma In Photography and has been working with a local media company since August 2001.

His job requires him to photograph in various categories including magazine covers, fashion, entertainment and community events for Utusan Malaysia, Kosmo and Utusan Karya magazine. Prior to that he was with Royal Selangor Pewter as an in-house photographer.

“Having spent the past 10 years in the publication industry photographing mainly fashion and covers, it is time for me to venture into the documentary and journalism side of photography. With this mentor program I hope to learn more about story-telling and encounter greater challenges in my work.” ~ Syfrey

Mentored by Cheryl Hoffmann

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