Trey Meckel


Metamorphosis the process by which one thing changes into something else.

In these photographs of my two sons, who are themselves at a transitional age between boyhood and young adulthood, I present a series of images that explore ideas of transformation and mutability in a constantly changing and variable context.

L1001792 - Version 3

The images can be viewed as straightforward, minimalist nudes; and also as subtly nuanced studies of abstracted lines and shapes and tones; and, further, as more ideomorphic “bodyscapes”, where the boys’ forms take on the intuitive appearance of stark, imaginary topographies. The images have no “correct” orientation, and take on different appearances when rotated, which allows the viewer to consider many alternative readings by subjectively changing, or metamorphosing, how the artwork is presented, what the subject is, and finally, how he or she perceives the piece.

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About the artist

Trey Meckel is an American photographer born in 1967. He lives with his family in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. METAMORPHOSIS is his first public exhibition.

METAMORPHOSIS is the culmination of a three-month project done as part of Exposure+4 in Kuala Lumpur. Exposure+ is a 3-month long, mentored photography program that encourages participants to work cooperatively with industry specialists, whose diverse expertise and interests help photographers at all levels realize their vision by creating a portfolio of images for public exhibition. Peer review and discussion is also an integral part of the process, and provides participants a chance to receive meaningful and constructive feedback during all phases of project execution.
My mentor was Snow Ng. Her thoughtful and discerning criticism and broad creativity helped me to see beyond the abstraction I was seeking, to find depth in simplicity. – TM

Copies of these images are available to purchase. Please contact the artist directly.

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