Vinoth Raj Pillai

Rat Race

The dream is to turn your passion into a profession. Many strive for this throughout their lives trying to achieve this. I always asked myself as I crawled my way to work, enduring the daily traffic jam, WHAT IS YOUR PASSION VINOTH? Like many, I scoured and tried various areas of interests to find my true passion. Only last year did it finally hit me that the answer was in front of me the whole time.


There was always a quiet sense of fulfillment and joy whenever I held my camera. From my first camera in college to the slow digital camera upgrades till I finally earned enough to buy my own DSLR. Never had I considered it a possible career, always just a fun hobby. Inspired by other photographers and witnessing their joy of doing what matters most to them, it became my mantra that one day, I would turn MY passion for photography into MY profession. I had somehow become part of the Rat Race, struggling daily to make ends meet whilst trying to find this thing the Race defined as “happiness”.

And that is how I was inspired to come up with this project. I was part of the Rat Race, but I didn’t even know what the destination was. I started looking for the meaning of Rat Race and what it actually meant to me, and all I could think of is how TIME, the most valuable asset of all is lost. I started asking close friends what the Rat Race meant to them. Many were in the same boat as I was, but one answer stood out from the rest. He said, the Rat Race is an illusion that indeed there is a finish line, but really, is there a finish line? What is the definition of the finish line? Retirement? Grandchildren? Death?

I believe that most people get into the Rat Race CLUELESS and AIMLESS with the promise of SUCCESS at the end of the road. But in reality it is just an ILLUSION that we’ve learnt to cope and survive towards whilst TIME, the most valuable asset that one has is lost in the never ending Rat Race.











All pictures © Vinoth Raj Pillai / Exposure+5

Vinoth’s mentor was Ashraf Saharuddin

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