William Sim


T(in)y is a portfolio about the objects and people in our surroundings but yet we neglected them most of the time, eventually these are the basic items which we might not even able to name it, there are always around us but when we need to search for them, it is always in vain.

For example, we recognise the lady who sells great and tasty nasi lemak by the roadside, when we pass by we would take a glance at her stall and probably address her as ‘makcik’, why shouldn’t we approach her and ask for her name instead? Why shouldn’t we show her a respect by giving her an identity.

More often than not we always take things for granted. it is time to show some love and care, the world is wonderful!

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William Sim a Malaysian photographer who started to pick up photography at the age of 14. He is graduate from Curtin University, with BA in Graphic Design. Upon graduation he was invited by his university to tutor in photography and creative studies subjects. He is currently exploring different fields of art with the photography medium, including installations.

In the beginning of 2013, he exhibited his 1st series T(in)y in a group show in Petronas Gallery, KLCC.
In June he presented his 2nd series <You Are> in Georgetown Obscura Festival.
In October, he self published his T(in)y series photo book in IPA Photobook Show, Singapore.


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