Arvin Karunakaran

Urban Decay

With a love for nature, I started my journey in taking photographs just recording the beauty and my surroundings. As days go by my curiosity and eagerness kept on growing in wanting to create impact with my images.

In this fast growing world and beautiful buildings all around us, I take a step back to observe what has happened to the construction sites that have been abandoned and unable to become beautiful buildings. After all the planning and earth moving by clearing the forests and piling the ground with concrete and steel to make these dream buildings stand tall. here I witness how nature reclaims back its place.

Seremban kemayan. 2 stories shop lot. been 18 years

Seremban Kemayan, shop lots abandoned for 18 years



Semenyih (2)


Cheras. 3 stories shop

Cheras 3 storey shop lots

An Exposure+5 participant, Arvin was mentored by Eiffel Chong.

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